I’m a programmer and devops enthusiast passionate about improving app development using automation, test-centered development and continuous integration/deployment.

Relevant Experience

Full-stack web/mobile app developer, Mountainpasstech, Jerusalem IL— 2019-2021

  • Increased reliability of legacy fi-tech backend by factoring out code and introducing automated testing and CI pipelines using Bamboo
  • Ensured financial transactions were reliable and transparent by migrating legacy backend to a containerized Django/Postgres backed RESTful service
  • Enabled focused communication between well-known investment platform and clients by co-developing mobile application for IOS and Android in React Native

Devops/software engineer, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD — 2006-2019

  • Increased developer efficiency and application reliability by designing TeamCity CI/CD pipeline templates
  • Co-developed custom Grafana dashboard using InfluxDb
  • Decreased content “go-live” time by developing a Django-based CMS on top of GitHub APIs
  • Allowed monitoring of high-traffic site by developing custom JavaScript logging API using Node.js
  • Contributed to timely HTTPS migration by developing reporting app in Django

QA Engineer, Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA — 1998-2000

Broadened market for graphic arts software by leading user-interface localization team


Angular, Automated testing, Bamboo, Bash, BitBucket, Continuous integration/deployment, CSS, Django, Docker, ES6, Git, GitHub, Golang, Google Cloud, Grafana, HTML, InfluxDb, JavaScript, Jest, Jenkins, JIRA, Karma, Kubernetes, Linux, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, Postgres, Python, ReactJs, React Native, RESTful APIs, Selenium, Shell, TeamCity, Test-driven-development, Travis, TypeScript


  • lithespeed, Herndon, VA — Agile Scrum master Certification — 2012
  • San Francisco University — Technical and requirements writing — 2001
  • Boston University, Boston, MA — International Relations — 2003
  • University of Colorado, Boulder, CO — Spanish Language and Literature — 1995