A New Era

I am leaving NCBI after 12+ years to work at MountainPass Technology. I will be focusing more on front-end development and mobile application development.

When I started, my eldest son was six months at the time—now he’s smarter than I (or so he thinks). I was hired before I could even program. Sure, I knew some HTML and CSS, but practically no JavaScript and really no backend programming language, apart from a bit of PHP. My manager hired me because he liked the way I think and figured he could train me to program. He was right.

At the time we were all still struggling with IE6 and just starting to use libraries like jQuery. There was no iPhone, Android etc. …just the Blackberry and the Trello. The world was a different, and so was I.

Though of course I am sad to leave a place I called home for so many years, I’m excited to move on and work on what particularly excites me. I’m appreciative for all that NCBI contributes to health science, and I’d like to think I helped just a little along the way.


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